Selling your old vehicle for the first time? If you are or even if you’re not it’s always fine to get some advice before doing so. The following a few tips for getting rid of your motor vehicle:

1. be wary of dealers

There is a reason why the clich√© of an oily, slime ball used car salesmen exists, because they do. Part of the reason for this is because some dealers will lowball a person trying to get rid of their used car while overcharging somebody for that same vehicle. If you are even considering selling to a dealer think twice. Even if they are the friendliest and most genuine person in the world, as any salesperson should be, they possibly aren’t giving you what your car is worth.

2. Clean it up, don’t fix it up

It’s a great idea to clean out your car before you do certainly sell it; however do not bother in getting costly repairs unless they are extremely cheap or compulsory for the car to remain useful. A clean car, no matter how old, is going to look ten times better than a dirty new car. Also, repairing a car is a risk, and is to be avoided if not the repair is to keep the car running and will add value. Don’t bother with extra repair work if it means you’ll hardly break even or loss money getting rid of the car.

3. Consider junking it

Many car junk dealers are out there and they will pay cash for junk cars plantation to be used for scrap. Just be sure to examine the site of the dealer first. Some Junker will pay reasonable prices for junk cars while other will not.

4. Watch the weather

It may not sound like something to think about but be aware of the weather when you plan to sell your car. The reason is easy: if you’ve got your car on a lot and the weather isn’t going to be enjoyable than many people aren’t going to see it.