For several people, calling junk car removal plantation service is the best option to get rid of their car. You can contact a local towing company, but a nationwide car removal service would have better results. This method is not only quick and simple, but they also purchase junk cars and pay the best price for them and even car scrap yards don’t pay this much for them.

Without the official paperwork proving ownership, anyone can claim the ownership of any old dumped car, sell it for salvageable parts, or donate it and claim a tax deduction fraudulently. There are also those who are honest and own an old car outright but don’t have the title to state ownership. Can you still obtain that junk car towed away from your possessions for good without a title? The answer is yes!

Order a replacement title

If you have a junk vehicle that you want to be rid of, getting a substitute title is one of the best solutions to your title problem. In most states, if you’ve your car ID number, you may ask for a replacement title (VIN). After you get your substitute title, you may lastly say goodbye to your unusable, old car.

Find a company that does not need a title                                                                                            

Some people may not want to go through the trouble of getting a substitute title, and that is fine; there are ways to get rid of your junk car without a title in hand. The first choice is to sell your junk car via a private bill of sale. You can arrange a private auction if you can find a purchaser, specifying the vehicle’s make, model, and year, and the agreed-upon sale price and legal signatures. Prior to proceeding with the deal, you can consult a lawyer to ensure that all of the paperwork is valid in the eyes of the law. Small claims court is a major hassle that can be avoided completely by doing your homework ahead of time.